Wood Connection Systems

wood to wood and wood to metal

Wood Connector Types

Assembly series
The practical assembly-series is perfectly suited for the safe production of sunrooms, carports, stairs, landings and many more.
XS – M Series (5 – 40 kn)
The wide range of products facilitates the creation of a tailor-made, secure and efficient solution for any task. The XS – M series, for example, is ideally suited for winter gardens, carports and smaller wooden structures.
L – XXL Series (30 – 300 kn)
From connections in timber engineering through roof and wall components to mixed- and specialty structures with steel and concrete, anything is possible.
M – XXL CS (Steel-Concrete-Connector)
The 25 new CS connectors complement the M – XXL series and represent the option of producing a direct connection between wood and steel or ferroconcrete. The abbreviation ‘CS’ stands for ‘concrete & steel’.
Special Screws
Depending on the connector type, the special screws which are stated in the respective approvals, have to be used in order to ensure the listed characteristicload carrying capacities.
Locking Screws
If the connection requires a protection against uplift, the two connector parts can be held together with specially designed locking screws.
Fire Stop (Fire Protection Belt)
The self-adhesive fire protection belt, which expands in case of fire, is reliable and easy to process. SHERPA is also setting new benchmarks in the field of fire protection.
CLT-Connector (BSP wall connector)
The newly-developed CLT connectors can be used to connect angle joints, T-joints and parallel joints. The connector can be built into the plate at the plant itself, so that the assembly process can be carried out at the construction site at no risk.
Power Base (Column Base)
The new column base, namely, SHERPA Power Base, features a zinc-nickel coating. The characteristic working load amounts to 140 kN, and the working load under pressure amounts to 60 kN.
In addition to the innovative connectors, we also offer helpful accessories. These include the SHERPA sample case, the SHERPA pattern beam and the useful milling template.


The leading technology in standardized timber connecting systems
The SHERPA Connection System offers the possibility of increasing the competitiveness of the timber building by standardized process. The focus lies on the optimal plannung up to the efficient assembly.
The concept bases on an innovativ idea, but very simple and ingenious! Two aluminium elements are put into each other in form of an oldly approved dovetail joint. Extensive documents for the planning as well as simple grips make a quick style possible. It is already proven for SHERPA Connectors often and offer a maximum safety. See for yourself!
In the year 2002, Vinzenz Harrer recognised the necessity of standardised connections in woodworks and took the first steps towards the development of a system solution. Within the framework of research work that spanned a period of several years, Vinzenz Harrer GmbH collaborated with the Technical University of Graz to develop the SHERPA connector system for timber construction. Since the year 2012, SHERPA Connection Systems GmbH has been an independent company that is headquartered at Frohnleiten, Austria and whose partner companies are spread all over the world.
Locally produced quality products
Today, SHERPA is the ‘The leading technology for standardised timber connector systems’, and covers the most diverse load ranges. In addition to wood-wood, wood-steel and wood-ferroconcrete connections, the product range also covers BSP wall connectors, column bases, special screws and a fire protection laminate. “The connectors as well as the screws are manufactured in Austria, since we attach a lot of importance to indigenous quality”, explains Vinzenz Harrer, general manager of SHERPA Connection Systems GmbH.
Research and innovation
The cooperation between SHERPA and the research institutions of the Technical University of Graz and the chair of timber construction at the University of Innsbruck establishes the worth, from a scientific point of view, of the SHERPA promise of quality. As SHERPA is cautious and prudent when it comes to innovation, the company was, within the framework of a collaborative process involving Holz.Bau Forschungs GmbH (HBF), which is considered to be a centre of excellence, and the Lignum Test Centre at the Technical University of Graz, reviewed with respect to all the situations that could potentially arise.

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