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What’s Thermowood or Thermal Modification?

Thermal modification is a computercontrolled process which is carried out in a special kiln at high temperatures. Only steam and heat are used with no chemicals added. After 15 years of experience in thermal modification and in co-operation with leading Finnish thermo-kiln producers, the best modification programs have been developed by Brenstol to achieve the excellent quality. The THERMORY® product range includes materials in two modification levels: Medium and Intense. The colour of Medium-modified wood varies from light to medium brown.The modification increases stability and brings out the natural beauty of the wood structure. Medium-modified wood is suitable for indoor use, being perfect material for flooring and panelling. The THERMORY® Intense-modified wood results in outstanding dimensional stability and durability, extending the lifetime of the wood considerably.Therefore the Intense-modified wood is suitable for both in- and outdoor usage. It is most widely used as decking, cladding and flooring. Due to the high stability it can also be used in wet rooms and on heated floors. Depending on the species the colour of the Intense-modified wood varies from medium to luxurious dark brown. Thermally modified wood has a very long lifetime, higher dimensional stability and lower equilibrium moisture content compared to unmodified wood. All the advantages of thermally modified wood make it an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods, gaining popularity all over the world.
Durability of the THERMORY® decking boards has been achieved by Intense modification which results in an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods and impregnated wood. Compared to unmodified wood the resistance against mould and rot is considerably improved.
THERMORY® decking is available in several dimensions and profiles, with the possibility to apply visible and invisible screwing and fixation systems. New to the Thermory decking range is the PaC-System® – an innovative fastening solution designed for a quick and easy installation.
THERMORY® City Collection covers cladding for outdoor and panels for indoor usage. Many elegant looking profiles and a variety of colours offer an impressive range of possibilities for creating a perfect home atmosphere. Whether with horizontal or vertical installation, usage of fine-sawn, brushed or planed surface – every solution of THERMORY® cladding is unique. And most importantly – THERMORY® cladding is long lasting as thermally modified wood has an impressive resistance to the influence of time. New to the Thermory cladding range is the PaC System® – an innovative fastening solution designed for a quick and easy installation.
The elegance of thermally modified floors lies in the beauty of the wood structure and in its rich colour palette. The cosiness and warmth of THERMORY® floors are brought out with two modification levels. Intensely modified floors, like Tango, have high dimensional stability and they can be installed on underfloor heating systems. Salsa and Samba floors, which are Medium modified, are suitable for interiors where bright and golden colours are desired. THERMORY® solid products are sold unfinished, giving each customer the opportunity to choose between various oils and lacquers according to preferences.
THERMORY® Decor mosaic tiles will bring the interior back to life. These tiles are made of small Medium-modified or Intense-modified thermo-ash blocks and finished with extremely hard lacquer. Therefore Decor tiles can also be used on the walls and floors of wet rooms. Dynamic colorful Decor tiles are a piece of nature and art in your interior. Feel free to personalize your world between the beloved four walls. Installation of the Decor tiles is similar to ceramic mosaic tiles.


THERMORY® collection is produced by Brenstol, a Northern European manufacturer of profiled solid wood products. With more than 20 years of experience, it is one of the leading thermally modified solid wood producers in Europe, offering a wide range of products for
both interior and exterior use. Excellent know-how combined with high-tech solutions assure the company maintains its well known superior quality.
As a result of continuous product development, the THERMORY® collection offers the best wood solutions which are beautiful, durable, functional and environmentally sound. Brenstol does not exploit our Planet – all items are free of chemicals, harmless to utilize and do not originate from endangered rainforests.
Brenstol is processing about 3500m3 of raw material monthly. Since thermal modification emphasises quality defects in timber, THERMORY® products are only made from high-grade raw materials. Ash originates from well-maintained forests in North- America where good growing conditions and strict drying standards ensure high quality. Thermo-spruce raw material comes from northern Russia and central Finland, where slow growth gives the wood high density and small knots.
All THERMORY® products are of high quality, which is achieved by combining know-how, modern technology, high-grade raw materials, well-trained staff and systematic quality control. Long term co-operation and constant positive feedback from leading wood retailers in Brenstol’s main markets of Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and Italy is an acknowledgement of THERMORY® quality standards.
Innovation and continuous product development have an important role in the THERMORY® product range. Ever since Brenstol was founded, many different wood species have been tested to find the most suitable ones for thermal modification. Testing is a continuous process with the goal to extend the selection of high-quality materials, which completely meet with the expectations of end-users. Product development is also aimed at increasing the selection of pre-fabricated products which are quick and easy to install. Due to their functionality, wall elements and QUICK DECK® terrace modules have gained popularity. The newest product line in THERMORY® Collection is Decor – luxorious 298x298mm thermo-wood mosaic tiles for sauna and bathroom.

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