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Advantages Adjustable Pedestals!

Excellent for hiding pipes and equipment
The gap between flooring and the underlying membrane, allows the passage of pipes and allocation of any equipment, but retaining ease of access.
Excellent absorption of structural movements
Being independent, the paving and supports can absorb expansion and structural movements.
Significant less weight
With no requirements for special surface preparation, the floating system provides a light weight solution, allowing structures to be built at sustantially lower cost.
Always a flat paving and easily accessible
With the Pedestal system, you can easily compensate for slight unevenness, irregularities and any gradients on the laying surface creating a perfectly stable and fl at paved surface. The pedestal design allows for the laying surface and any installed services to be accessed and maintained without damaging the paving.
Quick water drainage
The small gap between one slab and another allows water to discharge on to the laying surface and facilitate rapid drainage
Better thermal insulation
The void between the paving and membrane encourages constant air circulation, extending the life of the waterproofi ng and improving heat insulation and protecting the surface from UV degradation.
Strong resistance
The sturdy structure of the support derives not only from experience in formulating the compound, but also by the continuous thread between base and screw. All this guarantees a strong product, safe and durable.
Best acoustic insulation
Thanks to the “bi-component” head, anti-slip and anti-noise, Eterno supports are the only ones in the world able to reduce the sound impact level up to 25dB.
Speed of installation
Fast installation means first of all saving money. In the case of works at buildings already inhabited, a limited time of the intervention will cause minor discomforts to people; in the case of new buildings, the increase of speed will be an advantage in the overall organization of the site.
Ecology and cleaning
Everything is recyclable, both elements of the flooring and the supports substructure. At the end of the life of the building and/or the floor, everything can be easily removed and recycled, to give life to other products, thus nothing will be lost in the environment. The Pedestal laying system does not require any glue or chemical product.
– UV Resistanct
– Supporting power 1000 kg / m2
– 100% recyclable
– Very stable
– High supporting power
– Quick and easy to install
– Modular system
– Slope corrector
– Underlay is easy to repair


Solidor has developed from its foundation a clear vision and mission: the pursuit of an exceptionally high and consistent level of quality in products and services for its customers. We want to achieve this objective by investing persistently in a state-of-the-art machinery, in research and development and by coming forward with solutions that meet all the current and future needs of the market.
Recently, an industrial terrain (13,330m2) with a building was acquired in the industrial zone in Wevelgem.
This investment was made to extend the production and storage capacity of our products, to serve our customers even better.
Solidor Rubber & Products, based in Wevelgem in West Flanders, is a renowned manufacturer of rubber and plastic products/solutions for a wide range of applications in construction, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, food industry and other sectors. In addition to a wide range of own solutions and standard products, special attention is paid to specific solutions according to the needs of each individual customer.
Since its foundation in 1978, Solidor has been creating a whole new generation of products. Thanks to continuous investments in high-tech machines and personnel, the company produces complex extrusion profiles for numerous leading companies at home and abroad. As a leading producer in its sector, Solidor is synonymous with quality, speed and service.
Solidor is specialized in the production of high quality terrace supports for wood plank floors and concrete tiles. The terrace supports can be continuously adjusted in height from 1cm to 1m and can be delivered with special top plates for a solid and precise placement of the planks and tiles. The durability of the plastic and the solidity of the construction guarantee a smooth installation of the terrace in all circumstances, and an unprecedented supporting power. A reliable and qualitative solution that smoothly defies the time and the elements.
Solidor deck supports can be continuously adjusted in height from 1 cm to 1 meter. They are used throughout Europe for raising and leveling decks, wooden floors, metal grates and plastic PVC planks. Supporting power and resistance to aging are optimally guaranteed (CSTC test reports available).
Solidor paving supports can be continuously adjusted in height from 1 cm to 1 meter. They are used throughout Europe for raising and leveling terraces, tiles and metal grates. Supporting power and resistance to aging are optimally guaranteed (CSTC test reports available)

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